Holly Molly Baby Wrap – Blush


A Baby Wrap allows you to “wear” your baby. Baby fits snugly against your body and is comforted by your heartbeat, warmth and movement. Wearing your baby also allows mom to be hands-free while walking, cooking, baking and shopping. Dads can carry baby too!


Baby wraps are long pieces of super soft fabric which allow you to carry your baby snugly on your chest with the freedom of having both arms free. They offer warmth, comfort and protection for babies and are ideal to be used in the early months from birth to 9kg.

Holly Molly Baby Wraps are made from a light 100% cotton viscose which gives just enough stretch to hold baby comfortably and securely. Our wraps are seamfree to allow for extra comfort and stretch in the right place. They are cool and breathable in the warm Summer months and are perfect to keep warm and cosy in Winter.

Holly Molly Baby Wraps are machine washable and will not fade.

The wraps fold up easily and are lightweight enough to carry in your nappy bag when out and about.

Each wrap comes with its own set of instructions and safety checklist. Please note: Stretchy baby wraps are not designed for back or forward facing carries. Please follow the safety guidelines given.

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