The Holly Molly 4-in-1 Nursing Scarf is your most versatile baby accessory. Use it as a 360-degree breastfeeding cover, an infinity scarf, baby swaddle and car seat cover. No more awkward aprons, towels and blankets to cover up.

The Holly Molly 4-in-1 Nursing Scarf will soon become your favourite versatile accessory!

Use it as a stylish infinity scarf in Winter and as a 360degree breastfeeding cover when you need to feed your baby discreetly in public. The scarf is soft and breathable and gives full coverage on your front, back and sides without being too obvious.

Your scarf can be used as a baby swaddle to help settle your baby when she’s overstimulated or as a light blanket to keep her warm in cool or windy weather.

Your nursing scarf can also be used as a stylish car seat cover. It allows air to flow freely into and out of the car seat keeping baby cool and also allows you to see baby easily through the wide slit.