Hi and welcome to Holly Molly Baby!

We are passionate about babies,  development and practical baby gear that makes our demanding lives as moms a little easier.

Holly Molly Baby is named after my daughter, Holly, and offers the perfect solution for wearing your newborn baby in one of our super soft and stretchy baby wraps. We also make infinity nursing scarves and eco-friendly wooden teething toys.

Babywearing became a natural part of the early parenting phase and definitely helped me to raise a calm, happy and contented little girl, as well as giving me the freedom to continue with the daily demands of life after she was born. Being an Occupational Therapist, I am aware of the dangers of poor positioning when babies are left in other carrier devices and I loved the feeling of holding her close when we went out. A stretchy baby wrap places baby in a neutral position with the correct curvature of the spine and proper alignment of the pelvis and hips. It distributes the weight evenly across both shoulders and is so comfortable for both mom and baby to use. I recommend it to all new moms!

Babywearing should never take away from your sense of self, and so our Holly Molly Baby Wraps are designed to be worn as part of your wardrobe and express your own personality and style while carrying your baby.

We hope to make a difference in your life too.

Jen & Holly xx